ICS is an entirely web based claims management system capable of handling multiple lines of insurance, including but not limited to:

  • Casualty
  • Property
  • Automobile
  • Liability
  • Self-insured, etc.

Since it’s inception the ICS system has evolved due to constant industry consultation and operational experience. That has meant confronting a constantly changing insurance industry.

As a secure online platform, ICS allows multiple stakeholders access to claim files from anywhere in the world provided via the internet. Through features such as claim notes, configurable diary tasks & reminders, integrated letter templates, automated supplier engagement, authorisation and invoicing, and adjuster/assessor reports, all system users, from claims handlers through to management, can keep abreast of claim movements and statistics.

The system provides the flexibility for customisation to suit your particular requirements, including the ability to specifically define loss types, policy types, payment codes, claim permissions and intermediary access just to name a few. The ICS system allows you to streamline your claims processes to not only drive down your direct claims costs but also your indirect claims administration costs.